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Project Description
This project adds support to the Facebook Toolkit 2.1 to work with the ASP.NET MVC Framework 1.0 release. This project is based upon the work of corcoranp and his "Facebook Developer Toolkit MVC Addon".

This project is requires the Facebook Toolkit 2.1 library ( You may download the binaries or the source code for the Facebook Toolkit and use it with the MVC project.

The code in this project is the work of Peter Corcoran. His Facebook MVC Addon project was last updated in 2008 and worked with the Facebook Toolkit 1.6. There have been numerous changes to the Facebook API as well as the Facebook Toolkit.

The goal of this project is to update the work of Peter Corcoran to allow other ASP.NET MVC users to integrate to Facebook. I don't take credit for the work he has done.

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